Personal Shopper

I know it's hard to decide what will work best for you, with that being said we offer a one-on-one conversation to help narrow down the search. From your first toy to your 100th we got you covered. 

Option 1

First toys are a big step, you don't want to pick the wrong thing and be stuck with it. we can give you the pros and cons of different options as well as advice and instruction on best ways to use them.

Option 2
Just looking to spice things up, we can introduce you to new kinks, unofficial products not available on the site, as well as advice and instructions for your new toy.

Option 3
We can build you an essentials treasure chest. Ranging from 5-10 toys in a personalized box of your choosing. Whether making it for yourself or for a friend, we can customize and personalize your box to your needs. (Ask us about pricing)